Fn digital currency wallet

Fn wallet is the world's first exclusive Fn wallet launched by the Filenet community to provide a secure, fast, efficient, and transparent one-stop Fn token management service for your Fn assets

Create a wallet in one step

Backup boot, safe and secure

Import wallet, a variety of ways to choose

Mnemonic/private key /Keystore, backup and anti - loss

Fn exclusive wallet, providing one-stop Fn token service

How to use your wallet?

Step 1

Create a new wallet or import a wallet and backup mnemonic words how to use a wallet

Step 2

Create a new wallet for transactions, including transfer, transfer, contract, receive

Step 3

Check the bill for details

What is a contract?

Contract is a new mode of mining between ordinary node and super node. The pre-selected super node can become a super node after it locks a certain amount of money through a certain contract period selected by the contract.

Ordinary nodes vote for the successful super nodes. Through the contract mode, mining parameters can be affected to increase the probability of blasting.