Filenet(FN) is the world's first public chain of distributed storage application who has lauchned the mainet, and is also the world's first public chain of distributed storage application using DPOS + POC consensus mechanism.Filenet is dedicated to storing and distributing valuable content, rewarding miners in the form of mining to contribute idle bandwidth and storage. The mission of Filenet is to establish a powerful distributed data service system by connecting all idle storage to form, so any storage device that can connect to the Internet can participate in mining. Generally, Filenet is a super cloud system based on distributed storage and content sharing.


Filenet is dedicated to storing and distributing valuable content. The system provides a file promotion system. The more data is retrieved, the more popular it becomes, and the file can be mined.


FThe DAO mechanism adopted by Filenet, in the system of Filenet, users need not pay for uploading and downloading, which greatly reduces the cost of enterprise server and bandwidth


Filenet is used to retrieve and distribute mining patterns, pledge a certain amount of deposit and provide a certain amount of storage space to participate in mining. The higher the miner's contribution, the higher the probability of a block.


Filenet, as the first public chain of distributed storage application, forms a complete application solution together with many distributed storage protocols. The underlying functions of Filenet include distributed storage and distributed network, which are implemented by Mine physical devices running Filenet.

Filenet runs on a distributed network for retrieval and distribution services. It includes block management, consensus mechanism, and smart contracts. DAPP runs on DFN and Filenet, and users upload and download data through DAPP.

Decentralized File Network (DFN) provides data promotion system. When a user uploads data through a device, this data is stored locally. When this data is retrieved more times, this data will gradually enter the public network and become popular data, and this data can participate in mining.


Within the framework of Filenet, a total of 1 billion is issued, 80% of which is produced through mining.
Miners provide storage resources, store data, provide users with data retrieval and distribution, and earn revenue through retrieval.

10% is used for technical community incentives, and 10 years of gradual lifting of the ban.

10% is used for ecological construction support and is gradually lifted according to the progress of mining.

80% are mined by “participating in storage or packaging” and are halved every about 5.07 years.

FN uses the DPOS+POC certification mechanism to produce one block every 10 seconds, initially rewarding 25FN per block.