Fn digital currency wallet

Fn Wallet is the world's first Fn exclusive wallet launched by the Filenet community, providing you with one-stop Fn token asset management services, which are safe, fast, efficient and transparent.

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Fn Exclusive Wallet

Exclusive Wallet

Your Fn asset manager provides one-stop FN token service


Safe & worry free

The private key multiple encryption is stored in the APP, and is not stored in the server in any form; the algorithm encryption technology such as PBKDF2 and SHA-512 is applied.


Convenient & fast

Smart contract, instant trading, easy to operate, efficient and transparent.


Filenet command line client

The Filenet command line client is a test tool provided by the Filenet miner for the professional Filenet miners. Through the corresponding command line, the configuration of the mining program parameters, data uploading, downloading, etc. can be realized. Follow-up will introduce an interface mining client, please look forward to.

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FnNode full node client

“It is divided into two main programs: Fnnoded and Fnnodecli. Fnnodecli serves as a tool to provide users with a user interface and calls Fnnoded via RPC to implement various functions.”

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Application description

Will automatically synchronize all blocks to local and manage.

Users can use it to create wallet addresses,manage wallets, send transfers,view mining status,etc.(required via RPC).

The RPC(Remote Procedure Call) interface is provided and can be programmed by the user.